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Simply Follow These Easy Steps to Respond:

Step 1.
Enter your special 10-digit response code (as provided on the report you received) in the upper-right corner of this page for access to information about the report.

Step 2.
The report will be displayed for your online response. Share your detailed justification of events surrounding the performance report about your company.

Step 3.
Submit your online response.

The company that issued the report can view your response and act accordingly, possibly by modifying the report before its release or by deleting the report.
If you have concerns about the validity of a performance report, you must contact the company that submitted the report. Complete contact information is provided on the report.

Respond to Your Performance Report Online
The sole purpose for the Carrier Response website is to provide an online system for carriers and brokers to respond to performance reports made about their company.

Help Resolve Transportation Issues
Problems and misunderstandings arise in the transportation industry. They can be unavoidable at times. Fortunately, most basic issues can be resolved simply through communication between the involved parties.

If your company received a report from a broker or shipper requesting you to respond using a special 10-digit response code, then this is your opportunity to address the outstanding issues before others in the industry are alerted about the report.

Responding Is Quick and Easy
It only takes a minute to respond to a report. And it may not be too late, as long as you are responding within the 72-hour time period from when the report was issued.

Your online response cannot be edited or deleted by the company that submitted the report, thereby ensuring the information you provide is represented accurately and maintained for the record.

Based on your response, problems may get resolved, and the company issuing the report may choose not to release it. In either event, this is your one chance to share information about your side of things for the record.